Blake Jenner and Zoey Deutch on the set of “That’s What I’m Talking About

Anonymous said:
would you mind sharing how you sharpen your gifs? like your sidebars (lydia, malia)? they're gorgeous! cc:

Thank you so much ^_^

It usually depends what I’m making. For normal stuff like interviews, etc. I use this (x) and change the top layer to 40% opacity rather than 60%, for movies/TV shows (including my sidebar) I’ve been using these settings a lot lately (x), or these smart sharpen settings (x) which I think are pretty common with a lot of gif makers. And anything in this tag will probably work well :) 

I was at the very bottom of my Ancient History class in year 12 and now I’m in the top 10 of a university level Ancient course and there’s a very high chance I might get to go to Rome for it and I’m so fucking proud of myself

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